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SJP at UCSD Denounces ASUCSD

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SJP at UCSD Denounces ASUCSD Failure to Uphold Principles of Community and Corporate Responsibility for Palestinian Human Rights

9:05pm 2 March 2012
Students for Justice in Palestine, UC San Diego

Associated Students at UCSD failed the “Resolution in Support of UC San Diego Corporate Accountability through Divestment from Corporations Profiting from Violent Conflict” in a 13-20-0. The decision came after over seven hours of public input and deliberation.

The SJP community and its allies were repeatedly demonized by members of the public as well as university staff and faculty. UCSD students were publicly singled out, followed, and harassed outside the AS chambers. In addition, senators who were seen as sympathetic to SJP’s dedication to corporate responsibility and human rights were sent threats and verbally harassed throughout the night. SJP questions the dedication of administration to Principles of Community as no authority present made moves to protect the student body from such intimidation.

Such open hostility is not new for those who advocate for human rights and corporate responsibility on campus. Earlier this quarter, SJP members were harassed at their event by university staff, fliers for the organization have continually been defaced, and students are continually harassed during Muslim Student Association’s Justice in Palestine week. Despite this, students have still presented issues such as divestment, and will continue to do so.

Furthermore, It has come to the attention of SJP at UCSD that the office of the president at AS sent emails advocating for the rejection of the divestment bill. President Alyssa Wing also attempted to contact outside organizations and individuals to submit open letters aimed to frame divestment as divisive. SJP at UCSD condemns her abuse of executive power as a violation of the Principles of Community. Additionally, the rhetoric she employed in accusing students of playing a “game” is deeply offensive. SJP questions whether advocating for the corporate responsibility and the humanity of Palestinians are what the office of the president believes to be a “game.”

SJP at UCSD encourages students to contact AS president Alyssa Wing at or 858.534.4452 to express distaste with the tactics of her office and the decision reached by Associated Students at UC San Diego regarding divestment.

Students for Justice in Palestine is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members centered at the University of California, San Diego and organized in accordance with democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, and the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people.