Hard Copies Available: Report On Privatization of the UC

In California, Privatization, Reclaim CLICS on April 17, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Our educational outreach team was very fortunate to receive a grant from The Green Initiative Fund on campus to publish 1750 copies of the Report On The Privatization Of The UC. Copies will be available in the community centers (Cross Cultural Center, LGBT Resource Center, Women’s Center, Sustainability Resource Center) and various other locations across campus. If you can’t find the printed edition on campus, or don’t go to UCSD, please leave a comment with your email, or email us at

For this printed edition a new cover was lifted from a poster made by one of our supporters, some sections were revised, missing citations were added, all new charts were added, and typographical errors were corrected by a helpful copy-edit volunteer.

The booklets were printed by Inkworks, a workers collective in Berkeley, on recycled chlorine-free paper using soy based inks.

The digital version was updated as well.

Digital Version

Print Version


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