UCSD Admin Call-In!

In Reclaim Chancellor's Complex on March 9, 2012 at 9:40 am

The UCSD administration response was patronizing and they obviously are trying their best to ignore us. Therefore, we ask that if you have some spare time you call them and let them hear your voice. Read them our demands over and over, let them know how shameful they have acted. Call these numbers and flood the phone lines:

Marye Anne Fox (858)534-3135
Maizie E. Woodall (858)534-5335
Suresh Subramani (858)534-3130
Sandra A. Brown (858)534-3526
Lucy B. Fitzpatrick (858)534-3527
Tony D. Haymet (858)534-2827
Penny Rue (858)534-4370
Gary R. Ratcliff (858)534-4378
Gary C. Matthews (858)534-6820
Steven W. Relyea (858)534-3390 / (858)534-3391
David A. Brenner (858)534-1501

  1. Please consider the harm you are causing our staff and our students that are responding to your constant calls. Please stop them, it won’t help you and it will definitely continue to harm our working students and staff that are taking your calls. Thank you for your help with this,

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