Hit and Run at UCSC Lock-Down Un-Arrested

In California, Privatization on March 3, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Around 8:30 this morning (March 1, 2012) a red Ford Mustang tried to rush the crowd of students blocking off the main entrence of the UC Santa Cruz campus at Bay and High Street. The driver showed no signs of stopping as he turned the corner to go up to the main campus, and injured several students in an attempt to break through the crowd. The strike line held strong and Santa Cruz police chief was just feet away from the scene when he responded to the driver, telling him to back away from the crowd. As a student threw a container of yogurt onto the windshield of the Mustang, the man backed away to be questioned by Nadar. After some questioning the man drove away, his car damaged from the angry student activists, without being arrested.

The crowd was angry, and this man deserved to be arrested on the spot for unprovoked assault. We demand the Santa Cruz police department take decisive action against the assailant.


Adam Odsess-Rubin
Community Studies | Theater Arts
Porter College 2014
University of California- Santa Cruz


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