Letter writing campaign: Thank Former AS President for Trying to Influence Our Election

In D1 Referendum 2012 on February 29, 2012 at 11:06 pm

Former AS President and UCSD alumnus Utsav Gupta has sent out a mass email to a UCSD-wide listserv from his personal email address[1]. While the illegitimacy of this act is unclear, it is offensively unscrupulous for anyone to use such a strong tool to try to influence a vote on undergraduate student-fees after graduating.

Gupta would really appreciate it if you checked your email and responded to him with something like the following courteous message:

Dear Utsav Gupta,

Thank you for trying to influence my vote for a referendum whose outcome poses no risk to you, but will cost students an additional $495 a year. It is heartening to know that alumni support a sports team in thought. I would prefer it if they supported sports financially, rather than making struggling undergraduates pay for alumni’s sense of legacy, but I understand how times are hard.

Thanks again.


[your name]

PS: Why don’t you do your job by sending a mass email to the 150 alumni the UC pays you to ask for money, and ask them to support DI instead? [2]

He deserves the flood of community support.

Between February 27 and March 9 UCSD undergraduates will vote on a referendum that will raise the Athletics student fee 134%, to a total of $854 per year, in order to fund a move to D1 in the event that UCSD receives a bid from a D1 conference.

Don’t forget to vote!



Screen cap for the wary:


  1. This is shit. Learn what you are talking about. It doesn’t only benefit him, it benefits EVERYONE. Just because you are too senile to see that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and that you are selfish, don’t take it out on him. Blame yourself for not taking the opportunity to further our school. Get over it, and vote YES.

    • Thanks for commenting on our blog.

      I’d like to introduce you to the concept of opportunity cost.[1] When you are considering any purchase, and especially a $14 million investment, you should consider the value of things forgone to make that purchase.

      What could we pay for instead of doubling the size of our sports program?

      We could replace the 16% ($5.5 million) of the UCSD libraries budget that has been cut since 2008, almost three times over.[2]

      We could renovate CLICS into a lecture hall, studio space, and study space ($6.7 million) almost twice a year.[3]

      Or we could each once with money to spare. There are a lot of pressing fiscal short comings facing our school today that could easily be met with a portion of the money that would go to DI. The point is that presenting DI as an ‘opportunity’ is misleading because there are many opportunities, in my opinion better opportunities, other than DI that we are currently foregoing. And perhaps beyond that, that DI is selfish because it effectively sacrifices all other aspects of our school for one aspect.

      So in conclusion, I am neither selfish, nor senile, and I know what I am talking about.

      Finally, I’d like to encourage you to send him this letter as well, to thank him for trying to make me see that this is “an opportunity of a life time.”


    • [Tupac:] you clearly know nothing about this referendum…

  2. Give us actual email or never happened.

  3. More stuff we could pay for instead of D1:
    We could more than fix UCSD transportation budget deficit! (Which is predicted to collapse in the near future.)
    When I first did the math it was for the cost of D1 we could fix the transportation deficit FOUR times over.
    But now I can’t find a solid number on how much they are in the red these days…

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