D-1 Pro Statement (Annotated)

In D1 Referendum 2012 on February 15, 2012 at 9:39 pm

[The official publication of this statement is available here]

The Division I and Student Scholarships Referendum does more than just move our athletic community and our student life to the next level. The Division I and Student Scholarships Referendum will raise nearly $8,000,000 per year in scholarships, $3,000,000 of which will go to student grants and aid, not just to athletes.

[If AS wanted to increase scholarships they would not have tagged $14 million dollars of D-I to it. The goodness of D-I is ambiguous and complicated so pairing it with something ‘inherently good,’ like scholarships, improves its chances of passing. While financial aid will be adjusted for the fee increase, much of financial aid is loans which must be paid back. Debt on graduation has increased 20% since 2000, this will not help. [1]]

This Referendum WILL:
+ Increase UCSD’s exposure and visibility.

  • We will play against, and have rivalries with, schools that are more familiar and similar to us Instead of playing against “The Academy of Art,” we’ll be playing against schools like UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, and UC Davis.

[Since the 2008 financial and economic crises UC Irvine has cut five sports entirely, UC Davis has cut four sports entirely, UC Riverside has cut athletic spending by 8.4%, and UC Santa Barbara has cut its sports as well.[2]

Athletics at other schools have not been spared from the general cut in support that has resulted from poor state governance, and system-wide mismanagement. Why would we more than double our support for sports when all divisions and departments of our school have had to cut back?]

  • When you graduate, having employers who have heard of the school you went to is a huge leg-up. If they’re fans? Even better.

[UCSD has six Nobel laureates currently on faculty. UCSD was ranked 33rd in the world by Times of Higher education, and 14th in the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities. U.S. News and world report has rank UCSD in the top 10 public universities in the country. Your future employer will know what UCSD is. [3]]

+ IMPROVE campus life and the student experience.

[Except for students who will have to take on more debt, get a second job, or drop out of school]

+ CREATE a more vibrant alumni community

[A study of nine D1 conferences (Atlantic Coast, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Mountain West, Pacific 10, Conference USA, Southeastern, and Notre Dame) found that D1 basketball is not correlated with increased alumni giving.[4]

This argument is also irrelevant because alumni donations are usually tied to particular projects, and so are not general funds, which can be allocated where money is most needed. Alumni donations are unlikely to replace the $14 million or so we would pay for D1. Not all students will benefit from alumni donations, but all students will pay for D1.]

+ Brand UC San Diego as an ACADEMIC and ATHLETIC powerhouse.

  • Almost all schools that are ranked higher than us academically are Division I, including all higher-ranked Public Universities.

[Those universities also paid a heavy cost. Ex-UCLA football coach, Rick Neuheisel, said that to be competitive UCLA would have to finance its athletics on par with private adversaries. UC Berkeley’s athletics expenditures exceeded revenues on the order of $7-14 million dollars every year from 2004 to 2009.[5]

D1 is not easy to fund. Schools in D1 are struggling.]

  • UC San Diego dominates in most Division II sports, and belongs in Division I

[True. UCSD is the largest D-II school in the country. We spend more on our volley-ball team than UCSB (which is D-I). We already have three sports that compete in D-I: men’s water polo, volley ball, and fencing.[6]]

  • Finally offer comparable athletic scholarships to other institutions.

[True. But why emphasize athletic scholarships and not academic, need, or middle-class scholarships?]

UC San Diego is an incredible place to go to school, with world-class academics. While we are at the top of the nation in research, public service, and global influence, our school still lags behind our peers in terms of student life, alumni retention, and name recognition.  UC San Diego can and must be San Diego’s school, and the lack of a prominent athletics program stands in the way of that worthy ideal.

[We are already San Diego’s research university. We already are ‘the smart ones.’ Why make struggling students suffer for your own sense of brand recognition?]

Invest faith

[A lot of faith. In a 2007 NCAA study all eight programs that moved from D-II to D-I suffered multi-million dollar financial losses. In 2006, only 19 of the 119 D-1 programs in the country made money. [7]]

in our future and in the vision for excellence in ALL areas.

[Except the other departments whose budget cuts could have been dampened with just a portion of the $14 million we would devote entirely to athletics.]

Vote for Division I. Vote for Student Scholarships. The Time is Now.

[Remember to vote!]

[4] Tucker, Irvin B. “A reexamination of the effect of big-time football and basketball success on graduation rates and alumni giving rates.” Economics of Education Review 23 (2004) 655-661



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