CLICS: A Recent History

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What was once CLICS, was opened in 1965 as Humanities/Undergraduate Library, UCSD’s first central library. Ironically, the building, and now the new lecture hall which will replace CLICS, was named after Chancellor John S. Galbraith in 1988 for his “lifelong interest in libraries.” [1]

On January 27th 2011, the UCSD Libraries reported that it had sustained a permanent budget cut of $5 million, and one time cut of $3 million. The libraries objected to Academic Affairs Office’s formula for allocating budget cuts because “1) it bears no discernible relationship to the size of the Libraries’ budget vis-à-vis the campus’ budget and 2) it’s in no way consistent with a stated intention to ‘protect the academic core.’” [2]

In February 2011, it was announced that CLICS, along with the Medical Center Library, Science & Engineering Library, and Scripps Library, would be forced to close due to a $60 million dollar cut to the UCSD budget, which had entailed the $3 million dollar cut to UCSD libraries. The estimated cost saved by closing these four libraries was $1 million annually. [3]

Following this announcement, on May 25th, the Associated Students and all six College Councils passed a very strongly worded resolution condemning the closure, and demanding that CLICS be reopened in light of undergraduates’ disproportionate share of state budget cuts and need for study-space. [4] The resolution noted the fact that savings made at the expense of library facilities would not necessarily be passed on to students since “A large degree of the savings from the closure of CLICS would just shift costs to whichever department assumed control of the building.” [5]

AS council started an online “Save Our Libraries” campaign on May 28th. [6] At that time, 79% of the 164 respondents to UCSD Guardian’s online poll opposed closing CLICS. [7] Students did not want CLICS to close, but they were disenfranchised from the decision making process.

CLICS closed on June 10th 2011. [8]

On September 30th 2011, AS reported that the pressure from the student body had resulted in study space being included in plans for the renovation of Galbraith Hall into a lecture hall, stating “After the renovations are completed, students will have more study spaces than before.” [9] The plan for renovation includes 126 computer work stations, a lecture hall, and a theatre and dance performance space. [10]

These renovations are estimated to cost $6.7 million. [11]

At 7 am on December 5th, after issuing demands to the administration, [12] a group of students arrived at CLICS intending to reclaim it as a student space for finals week, but were surprised to find police outside waiting for them. [13] Students retreated, the police were called off, and an 11 am deadline was issued to the Administration respond to students’ demands. [14] At 11 am students broke-in and reclaimed CLICS, keeping it open 24/7 for the rest of the week as a student-run space.

Throughout finals week, students collected 1,261 signatures for a petition to re-open CLICS as a student-run university funded study space. This petition along with an abbreviated set of immediate demands [15] was personally delivered to a number of Vice Chancellors on Friday, December 9th. There were three demands: keys to CLICS delivered to an appointed liaison, chairs and desks returned to CLICS, and a moratorium on construction plans. The petition and the demands were ignored.

Three days before the start of winter quarter, 6 January 2012, an announcement concerning CLICS was issued by Suresh Subramani, Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs; Penny Rue, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs; and Gary Matthews, Vice Chancellor Resource Management and Planning. [16] The announcement stated that Galbraith Hall would be open as study space through-out the quarter. The decision to re-open the space was made without communication, consultation, or negotiation with the appointed liaison between students and administration. It neither addressed nor met the demands of keys to CLICS and a moratorium on construction.

Here are the floor plans for the new building.

Galbraith Hall Level 2

Galbraith Hall Level 3


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